Breathing Required

I can’t breathe.

Running out of air and struggling with the very loooooooooooong sentences my authors write (and I have to read) prompted me to pay for an el cheapo singing class through my local lifelong learning center. I surmised that if I could go back to the singing basics of breathing, supporting my voice, and using it properly, I would be closer to faster audiobook production.

At the first class, my teacher spent the first 30 minutes basically talking about how frustrated she was with “adult” classes, bad descriptions, and no one actually wanting to learn. I thought that she was about to throw things at the six of us and walk out…
…But whatever we said, whatever she decided, she turned it around and I learned something INCREDIBLY REVELATORY.
After 43 years, I learned a new way to breathe.
And damn, it’s easy.
Suck, don’t squeeze. The instructor used this video of Madeleine Harvey to assist her instruction.
Now, I am ready to be a rock star.


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