When Did You Become A Writer?

I’m trying to write a bio for my “author” page because I have my first publication coming out in October, and something just struck me: At some point in 2016, I became a writer.

I think I’m in FIVE writing groups right now:

  1. Novelists for the Long Haul – remote – read-n-critique (facilitator)
  2. MRK Sunday writing hangout – remote – generative & social
  3. SB Writer Galz – local – generative & social (facilitator)
  4. SB Writers Meetup – local – read-n-critique
  5. Wednesday Writers  – local – read-n-critique

Doing NaNoWriMo, attending a conference, taking classes, and mentoring other friends who want to write, makes me think I’m serious about this writing thing. I also read slush for an online magazine, to give new authors (like me) an opportunity to be published. I support Flash Fiction Online and A Month of Letters as a patron through Patreon.

Somewhere along the line, I started submitting my work, vying for those precious rejection notifications. Clearly, through my goals and efforts, I have slipped into being a writer…now I need a plan to level up to “professional writer” and making a living at it! 


What do you think?