Elect Melissa McCarthy Queen of Everything Already

As a part of the run up to the new Netflix Season Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, here’s my paltry addition to the accolades being showered on Melissa McCarthy (rightfully so!). She was so amazing as Sookie St. James that she instantly became one of those actors where I shout “I LOVE her!” when she’s in a movie trailer or on a poster. She’s a reason to see any film or TV series. Clearly, a lot of people feel that way, and with her recent string of FANTASTIC movies, I’m just so happy we have her to watch!

I haven’t seen everything she’s been in (shame on me!), but that just gives me things to look forward to. In the meantime, here’s my “reaction rundown” of her last three films:

Spy, 2015
Spy is the best spy/action movie I’ve ever seen. Funnier than any bond film and action on par with the original Die Hard. Best pacing of any action movie I can recall, with the right mix of funny, feelie, and fucking up bad guys! Lather, rinse, repeat. As soon as it was over I wanted to stay in the theater and watch it AGAIN. My husband and I are STILL quoting lines and laughing…an hour later…and I’m sure I will be tomorrow as well. Do not miss this on the big screen: massive amounts of whoop-ass with heart and soul.

The Boss, 2016
Everything I always hated in crass, superficial, buddy movies, given a total makeover. Somehow it retained the stupidity, the physical humor, and yet was the belle of the ball. Absolutely fun.

Ghostbusters, 2016
Emphasis on Fan.
This fan is happy.
This movie was made for me.
Us, really.


What do you think?