Lemons. Meyer Lemons.

Late last week, a friend posted on her Facebook page that she had hit a point of complete overwhelm when it came to her overproducing Meyer Lemon Tree.

I offered to juice and preserve a couple of bags of lemon juice for her, in exchange for lemons.

So I washed lemons.

And juiced lemons.


Then I found out the hard way that you have to strain lemon juice if you’re going to preserve it. Why? Because who wants lemon juice in a cube full of slivered seeds and pulp? No one.

Four ice cube trays full of pure Meyer Lemon Juice!


What did I do with *my* lemons, you may ask?



The peels all became bird toys. There’s no waste in our house!

But Jeremy-the-Bird wasn’t the only one who got wonderful treats. I had a baking day with my Accountabilibuddy. She took pictures of our glorious lemon bars and cookies.



I also made honey lemonade and have been adding it to my tea every day. I took lemon bars to the friend who gave me the lemons. I sent goodies to work with my husband. Generally, I had an opportunity to spread goodwill during a moment when I, along with many in the world, need it.

It is the littlest things that can get us through hard times. If you need help, ask. Even when it seems like the silliest thing. Asking for help builds community. It gives those with resources an important opportunity to share what they can.

If you can help, do. Again, it may seem like not much in the grand scheme, but in the short term, you might sweeten someone’s day…On a day when they otherwise could have remained a sourpuss.

And lastly, never forget:


What do you think?