The Venom in the Valentine

In the spirit of full disclosure, I provided developmental editing for this installment of the Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries. Even seeing it in its raw form, this is my favorite read so far in the series.

Shea MacLeod has climbed to new writing heights with her unique way of mixing of the hilarious with the sinister. Every reader will be able to relate to what happens when average people fall prey to their base prejudices, but Viola’s unique perspective as a writer and amateur sleuth means that readers can again expect many unexpected plot twists!

With her friends, Viola just can’t catch a break, not even on a weekend getaway. MacLeod combines the accurate pitfalls of Valentine’s Day Expectations with the terror of having quaint, old-fashioned love notes become a weapon sharp enough to cut a reputation to the quick…or even to the kill.


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