Editing and Writing

It is a Manic Monday, and da-yam! I’ve been productive.

Check out the launch of my new page, and consider picking up one of the three books I’ve edited this year. Or, if you need some editing for a project yourself, there’s a handy new tool for you to quickly check in and get a quote on some professional feedback.


While my focus has been on making extant writing better, my friend and client, Shéa, has been blogging away about new content. I can’t wait to follow her basic advice and start a one-notebook, one-novel, process. Not sure what I mean? Check out her post to be inspired, and get a re-start on that book you’re in the middle of…or meaning to write, or….?

General Plot Info

Many times over the years I’ve been asked, “How do you write?” I understand because, even after all these years, it’s something I find fascinating about other writers. There…


Source: How I Lost My Pants: Plotting Murder, Mayhem, and (sometimes) Magic


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