Finnemore Friday: The New Edition Sketch

I traveled this summer, asking a lot of people I had just met if they were John Finnemore Fans.

“Who?” Was the most frequent reply.


Everyone should be listening to John Finnemore. Unless you have listened and didn’t like him, in which case, I ask, “Are you sure? Really sure? Go on, have another go.”

It is possible that if you don’t find at least 80% of John Finnemore’s work hilarious, whether sketch comedy like Souvenir Programme, or his series, Cabin Pressure, or especially his slightly longer Double Acts, that it may be impossible for us to remain friends. Certainly, it makes it probable that you dislike as much as 50% of my jokes.

If you like Monty Python’s humor, and you like Douglas Adams’ humor, then you need to know that John Finnemore’s comedy is the direct descendant of those genius humorists. He arrived at writing comedy via the same route they did, hanging out at Cambridge, being funny. Then going to the Fringe Festival and being funnier. Then getting paid to make me laugh.

In the episode highlighted for Friday, August 25, skip ahead to 4:45. What you’ll hear is an interview sketch poking fun at those interminable “list of things to do” books that seem to be underfoot every time I try to vacuum the carpet.

The sketch is a perfect example of what I love about this humor: unexpected, taken to extremes, wrapped around a good-natured message with heart. There’s never meanness in the sketches. Nothing relies on the American sense of “unease” in order to get a laugh.

It is straight-up, smart, wacky comedy.

I will post more each Friday, but of course, you’re welcome to cultivate your own addiction to this man’s brilliance. I find all his creations completely addictive. I hope you get a laugh, or more likely, a belly-full.



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