Finnemore Fridays: Messengers out of Sync

This week my kitchen remodel Project Manager put the lead carpenter in charge of “day to day” for my kitchen remodel. At first, I thought this would be great. The guy doing-the-doing would be the guy organizing what gets done. No middleman.

But that isn’t how it worked. The Lead would have a conversation with the PM and would ignore something he said, and I would remind him, and then he’d have a conversation with me, and then the PM didn’t seem to know about it, and maybe the electrician was coming, but maybe he wasn’t, and maybe kitchen layout needed to happen first or maybe cutting drywall…

This week has been extremely stressful. A game of telephone or, perhaps, a John Finnemore sketch about messengers out of sync:

Series 2, Track 4, 3:20




What do you think?