Finnemore Fridays: Fairies versus Princesses

I trust that everyone had a lovely Halloween! Now you are all free to focus on making sure your ballots are in: It is time to vote!

I’m writing this two weeks ago from when you are reading it, so I can tell you I turned my ballot in. I put it in the mail about two hours from then.

It is an exciting moment in our little town of Santa Barbara because we are choosing a new mayor! That means voting for the person who most closely shares your vision for what the town should be like.

Santa Barbara’s big issues are the same ones that plague many other idyllic CA towns:

  • Retail businesses are lagging due to online shopping.
  • Housing supply is low, demand is fierce, and our town’s unique architectural history must be preserved.
  • Our desirable climate attracts a transient population that detracts from the experience of the tourists arriving on cruise ships to add money to the local economy.

Or, possibly not the same issues.

At the bottom of it all is the fact that everyone wants to make money and no one wants to look like the bad guy for putting profits over people (or trying to profit off of people). Capitalism for ya.

So this week, you go have a listen to a Finnemore sketch about competition and cutthroat business practices, and I will have been finishing filling in the little bubbles on my ballot. Hopefully inspiring you to do the same.


It is your civic responsibility.





What do you think?