Finnemore Fridays: Alchemy

We don’t talk about this kind of thing in our culture, but recently, I made a bit of money. The way I did it was very 2000’s, terribly old-fashioned: I “won” the startup lottery – a small bet I placed on a company I worked for in one of my past lives.

Good thing too, because the living room remodel was over budget, leaving the kitchen remodel with a shortfall. My unexpected windfall has plugged the financial gap between projects, for which I am extremely thankful. The money was needed, it arrived, it is spent, like it never happened.

This does happen in the world sometimes: You get exactly what you need when you need it. There’s no knowing when, no control, no way to include it in planning or the risk/benefit analysis. You have to jump and hope.

Or, believe that a grand and glorious conspiracy of Alchemy is on your side. Sometimes I believe this, but I know it will only serve me if I do good in the world.

So to all the friends I’ve ever loaned or given money too, all the causes I’ve donated for: Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve. It makes it easier to say, “I deserve this good financial luck. I did good, and it always comes back around.”

Series 2, Track 4, 13:00




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