Finnemore Fridays: Train Travel

Amtrak and I have a love-hate relationship. I love the uninterrupted (except by beautiful views) work time. I often choose the train to travel so I can QC audiobooks, write, and occasionally catch up on sleep from late-night recording sessions.

Something about the Ca-Chunk, Ca-Chunk rhythm (modern trains do not clickety-clack, alas) and the camaraderie of the dining car desserts makes for a bubble of time and space that is removed, unique, and productive.

Of course it often takes ten hours when it should have taken six. And sometimes you get a seat-mate with sharp elbows. The wi-fi never works well. And the menu is at best unchanging, at worst targeted at a senior crowd of travelers who enjoy fresh mussels (a thing that should NEVER be eaten on a train!)

Still the train has a great charm, something my Comedy Hero, John Finnemore must know because he has some *great* train-bits. I can’t share them with you directly anymore because linking to YouTube was (I know) a copyright violation. But I DO want to continue to promote and share John Finnemore’s Work, so that more of my friends and family will get the “in” jokes.

My one-woman quest to expand the popularity of this comedy genius goes full steam ahead! If you have purchased (or downloaded John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: The Complete Series 3 & 4 (which I absolutely suggest you do immediately using the links) at Track 2, 8:20 you’ll hear a brilliant skit about a Train Manager and a Train Driver. Give it a listen. It’ll make your next train trip much more fun.






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