Thomas Fire: Night 4

Emergency preparedness, CHECK. I’m missing some water bottles, but otherwise the list looks good. I’ve staged true emergency items. Will pack a bag with clothes in the AM.

I also began to contemplate how photos and photo albums could best be transported, and decided the answer is old luggage and duffel bags with handles and wheels.

Watched the meeting and discussion by all the local Sheriff, fire, and elected officials. I’m feeling good about where the professionals are setting dozer lines (as in bull, not fraggle) to ensure the fire doesn’t have a chance to cross into SB County.

Feeling ‘Prepared not Scared’ as my friend Marco reminded me this evening. Had some brandy spiked egg nog followed by a brandy spiked ginger beer. I think I like brandy. I’m relaxed and looking forward to a better nights sleep.


What do you think?