New (and used) Normal

Two audiobooks in the final release stages, a monthly newsletter out (before the month is over), and a functioning kitchen: January has been a back-to-normal month.

(If you didn’t get to read the January newsletter that launched today, you are missing out!)

Still, normal doesn’t mean boring: 2018 is new, the kitchen is new, and books 4 & 5 of the Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries are ALL NEW!

Occasionally I wonder if I used up some of my luck-stores. My loved ones were all protected from the fires and mudslides. How much good luck is a person entitled to before it gets used up?

Speaking of used things, I used my solid processes to crank out the new audiobooks and get used to the split schedule and nighttime recording again. I think I’m reaching a competence point where I’m DONE with free software, though. That means a new learning curve for using better software to do my work.

There are daily reminders that it will be months before our communities of Santa Barbara and Montecito are back to normal. The dog is newly sad, each day that our beaches are closed. People are still missing after the deadly mudslides, and so many houses were destroyed. It makes me grateful for the prizes and precious memories that I still have.

All of this is the tidal flow of life.

Turning 45 in just under a month reminds me to pay attention to my inner energy tides, doing as much as I can without burning out, becoming bored, or giving up. And this year is the year of focus. On the thing. Whatever the thing is, in the moment; human, work, animal, chore, celebration.

If you see me losing focus, please feel free to gently tap me and share a little reminder, like responding to my newsletter.



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