Roundabout Protection“, my first short fiction submission, has been accepted for publication! It is available for purchase on the Salt Lake Pagan Society Journal site.

This is a direct result of working toward my 2015 writing goal to finish and submit the backlog of short fiction stories I drafted over the past few years.

Because I love working within a strong community, I participate in five writing groups. Between them, they meet my different writing needs. Some are based on write-ins, offering time to be companionably generative. Others are read-and-critique. Three are local and two are online. Ask me about joining one. The more the merrier!

I am (slowly and carefully) pursuing a personal fantasy: Winning a Campbell and a Hugo Award just so I can celebrate at a fancy costume party with Guy Gavriel Kay, Patricia A. McKillip, Mercedes Lackey, Mary Robinette Kowal, Neil Gaiman, and a cardboard cutout of Douglas Adams.

Wanting to win top awards for genre fiction begins with becoming a fantastic writer, a goal I started pursuing in 2014. Studies as a means to that end include somatic and movement-based writing in Elizabeth Schwyzer Smith’s Write From the Body workshop series, Writing in Scenes, taught by Nancy Kress and Jack Skillingstead, and many intensive workshops at the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference.

My writing week varies greatly depending on projects. I spend 20 – 50 hours, and I do my Artist’s Way three pages or every day, minimum. is one of the guilty pleasures that keeps my writing habit on track. In addition to writing and editing corporate training content for Mesa Steps Consulting clients, I always have multiple creative projects in progress simultaneously. That way if I get tired of something, I can switch gears. I’m usually working on a lot of different things, from short fiction to novels, and film reviews to the occasional poem.

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