Yvette has the magical touch. She knows just how to tweak my manuscript in all the right places. They wouldn’t be half as awesome without her.”

– Shéa MacLeod


Until I recorded The Corpse in The Cabana, I had no idea that being a good narrator might also mean I was a good editor. I read every word of every book. I watch the images and scenes in my head and I hear the language as if I am narrating.

These qualities help make me a perfect developmental editor. I am attuned to what is missing from the big picture of the book. If I can’t visualize it, there may not be enough information. If something sounds wrong in my head, the language is a bit off. If a character takes an action that makes no sense, maybe a scene is missing. And for heaven’s sakes, yes, it does matter if a character puts her hair up in a twist, but then loose waves of it are getting in her eyes a paragraph later.

The website Reedsy advises, “Bring in a developmental editor when you’re ready to move beyond drafting, or when you feel there’s something missing but you need someone to help you see what it is.”

So if you have fiction you want to improve prior to final copyediting, hit me up!


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Books Edited by Yvette Keller


The Lost Clans of Lydania (The Lore of Lydania) (Volume 1)
By Alan Silverwood

Plagued by hordes of ghosts and thinking himself mad since the murder of his parents, expert archer Rhinan Ashuir is solitary, kind… and reckless. When he draws the attention of the oppressive King, he must flee for his life from the King’s right-hand-man, the ruthless Gethor Dran. The only clues to the royal obsession with his death are two relics left by his father: An odd magic gemstone and a rare blade. But since the Ylvan Clans’ uprising against the King, magic has been outlawed and weapons restricted. Being caught with either is a death sentence.

Mist Walker
By Shéa MacLeod

She Witnesses Murder – Veronique “Veri” Leveau has a problem. Visions are a natural side effect of a Mistwalker (a witch with powers of telepathy), but lately her visions have become increasingly terrifying. She’s witnessing murder… from inside the mind of a killer. A killer hell bent on draining the life force of every supernatural in Portland.

He Kills For His King – Vane is the Dragon King’s Assassin. He’s also got a problem and her name is Veronique Leveau. He loathes witches. Unfortunately, if he’s going to stop a serial killer, he’s going to have to work with a witch whether he likes it or not.

The Venom in the Valentine
By Shéa MacLeod

Viola Roberts is down in the dumps after discovering her boyfriend, Lucas, is snowed in back east. Her best friend, Cheryl, agrees to substitute a girl’s weekend for the romantic Valentine’s Day he had planned. Massages and mani-pedis for the win!

That is until the hotel guests start receiving venomous Valentines, and one of them ends up dead. In a remote resort on the wild Oregon coast, it’s up to Viola to get to the bottom of things before any more guests fall to the killer’s poison pen.

The Remains in the Rectory
By Shéa MacLeod

While touring the Cotswolds of England, Viola Roberts and her boyfriend, Lucas Salvatore, get stranded by a downpour of epic proportions. The quaint village of Chipping Poggs has only one inn, and just their luck, it’s a haunted mansion. Viola tries to make the best of her rainy vacation by “ghost hunting” and poking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Until she pokes it right into the middle of a murder.

With the village cut off by flooding from the violent storm, Viola naturally starts sleuthing. But when a second guest is found dead, and then a third body shows up, Viola’s own ghosts might be telling her it’s time to turn in her gumshoes.

The Talisman Killer
By Shéa MacLeod, Miranda Mayer

Before the Rift, Veronica Wolffe and Verity Bane struggled to eke out a living as paranormal investigators. But with the veil between dimensions ripped open and demons from beyond running amok, their preternatural powers are suddenly in high demand. From haunted teapots to rampaging poltergeists, these women’s work is never done.

When a logger dies a horrific and unnatural death, Wolffe and Bane are pulled into the terrifying world of mystical murder. A killer from beyond the Rift is hunting those he finds guilty of crimes against the environment. He won’t stop until the world is rebuilt in his image, and humanity is destroyed. The Talisman Killer introduces an addictive new urban fantasy series with two kick-ass heroines and a touch of romance. Welcome to the world of Wolffe and Bane.