Becoming a pro-writer feels like a predestined fate. Because I am a reader. Because words make me deeply happy. Because my big struggle is to find a few moments when the constant stream of imagination stops (almost never).

I have finally decided to just let my stories be outside of me. And it is a relief.

Though I try to avoid violence and explicit gore, I read everything else: flash, nonfiction, fantasy and science fiction, romance, mystery, literature.  I live, read, and write in Camelot, aka Santa Barbara, California, where I picked up writing again in 2012 for therapeutic reasons.

Thanks in advance for reading what I write and telling me what you think. If you love my work, you are cheering me on. If you hate it, you’re making me a better writer.

Welcome to a place on the web where you can do no wrong. I’m so grateful you’re here.

How is Yvette Doing?

I thought it might be fun to keep track of a few things and let you see how I’m doing.

Goal: 100
Current Status: 2
Goal: 1000
Current Status: 10
Words Written
Goal: 1,000,000
Current Status: 350K

enheduanna-final-cover1My Fiction

Roundabout Protection, my first short fiction submission, has been accepted for publication! Find it in the inaugural issue of the new Salt Lake Pagan Society journal, Enheduanna. The publication contains 28 authors from many Pagan traditions living across the world. 116 pages of content, with poetry, book reviews, short stories, essays, and memoirs, volume 1 is packed full of spectacular new content from brilliant writers.

You can purchase a copy of the journal on the Enheduanna website.


Cernunnos, 2016 is my second bit of short fiction to be published.

One year later, written for the same contest, it was also accepted by the Salt Lake Pagan Society journal, Enheduanna, Vol 2.

Set again in the Coven of the Bowler Universe, this time a hapless wanna-be wizard is haunted by his grandfather’s ghost on All Hallows.

His Halloween wish is granted, and his beloved ancestors will answer his prayer to end the drought that plagues Southern California. But It may mean he will never become a true wizard.



The Picture Game: A Sample Entry

I thought I would start giving you more samples of my writing. To be honest, I wrote for 10 and edited/added for 20 minutes. Here's an example of what I write when I'm playing the picture game. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Picture Game is a daily writing exercise for anyone who wants to participate ...
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Writing Out (of) Friendships

"A friend is someone who helps you move. A good friend is someone who helps you move a body. A best friend brings their own shovel." -Unknown Author (but wow, internet, a lot of people have used it for a long time) Choked up, chest constricted like the onset of a ...
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Santa Barbara Writers Conference Outcomes

Some people go to conferences to study specific topics, focus on particular things. The 2017 SBWC didn't hold any targeted interest for me. I don't have a manuscript to pitch, a Work In Progress (WIP) Novel to workshop, or even something I think I'm terrible at that needs rectifying. All I ...
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