[The Corpse in the Cabana] was a very fun and enjoyable cozy mystery. The narrator, Yvette Keller, did an outstanding job.
 – Michael Benson, review


[The Poison in The Pudding] narration is outstanding. The narrator has a great voice, good pacing, and perfectly captures the personalities of the characters, as well as makes a bland story come alive. Also, the narrator gives the name “Petula” flair, which I liked. Grade = A+
 – Ohio, review

I am the narrator and producer of three audiobooks in the Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries Series. It is a new endeavor that I am loving! I have quite a few other projects in my queue, contracted for production in 2017, and it feels completely wonderful to be bringing books to life with different characters.

I’m pretty sure my first narration job was reading aloud to keep my little brother out of trouble. Soon, I learned to read words upside down so little kids could look at the pictures. It’s a superpower that proves useful in strange situations.

My early love of reading and public speaking led to dabbling in theater and journalism. I performed Shakespeare as early as the 4th grade and did not stop singing and acting in local theater until after college. Studying Literature and Psychology at the University of California at Santa Cruz prepared me for a professional career in corporate education.

With my powerful voice, I delivered training for many days in a row and weeks on end. However excellent my training delivery, in-person training couldn’t reach every customer. Soon my employers wanted to preserve my knowledge and delivery. Learning to record and produce online video courses was really what started me down the path to the Voice Over (VO) world.

Wanting to strengthen my novice technique in front of a microphone, I enrolled to study VO and voice acting at Voice One in San Francisco. From 2015-2016, I completed intensive courses in core VO, Character, and Narration, along with Acting for VO and Comedy in 60 Seconds.

When approached by authors, I jumped at the chance to try audiobook narration. Yes, I have always loved “doing the voices.” I currently work in my home studio to produce technical VO industrials and audiobooks for clients. It is especially thrilling to make books accessible and engaging through Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX).

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