Industrial Projects

Voice over work for corporations, called “industrials” in the VO business, includes everything from being the voice of the telecom system to narration of long corporate messaging content. What is exciting about this work is understanding the core message of each script and speaking as if to the intended audience. The biggest challenge is keeping dry content interesting and having the voice – the performer – be invisible and not distracting.

Industrial recordings have to be clean and clear. The often high tech material has to make sense. It can’t be “just words.” When possible, industrial clients should hire a professional who has accurate technical knowledge of the subject matter, a strong background with technical language…or the ability to research and comprehend technical information.

My career in voice over started with becoming “the voice of Arena” around 2010. As the Education Services Manager, I delivered training content in-person hundreds of times. I developed new skills to translate material into short, online videos. I worked with our technical writer on creating scripts, then recorded voice over, and edited videos in post-production to create dozens of product training videos like this one.

After working for Arena I went on to produce similar training videos for Selectica and Shibley and Associates. You can read more about those projects here.

Training Video Example

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