Who I Write With

Clara Frost
Clara is the author of the Wounded Love series and several other adult romances. Visit website.

Brent Baldwin
Brent is the author of the popular Porter Melo series. He loves speculative fiction and thrillers, and especially that place where the two genres collide. Visit website.

Phil and Maude Mayes
Phil Mayes lives in Santa Barbara, California, having started in London, England. He is married to Maude Mayes, a fact that continues to amaze and delight him. Visit website.

Angela Borda
Angela is a professional editor, food writer, and novelist living in Santa Barbara. Visit website.

Writers Who Inspire Me

Mary Robinette Kowal
Mary Robinette Kowal is the author of Shades of Milk and Honey (Tor 2010). When I read it, I described it as, “a perfect example of what it is, and a perfect thing I never knew existed.” Visit website.

Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman famously, “makes things up and writes them down.” My favorites by him include Anansi Boys, The Graveyard Book, and The Ocean at the End of The LaneVisit website.

Elizabeth Schwyzer Smith
Elizabeth Schwyzer is a journalist, essayist, writing coach, and educator based in Santa Barbara, California. Her articles and essays have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and literary journals in the U.K., Asia, and the U.S. Visit website.

Shea Macleod
Shéa MacLeod is the author of urban fantasy post-apocalyptic sci-fi paranormal romances with a twist of steampunk. She has dreamed of writing novels since before she could hold a crayon. She totally blames her mother. Visit website.

Eva Barrows
Eva Barrows is a San Francisco Bay Area freelance and fiction writer with a comedic bent. Eva blogs about local places, people, and events on her writer website She founded Imitation Fruit Literary Journal, in 2007 and has enjoyed promoting fellow writers and artists ever since.


Writing Courses I Recommend

Clarion West: Writing in Scenes – Learn more.
Santa Barbara Writers Conference – Learn more.
Write From the Body – Learn more.
Story Structure For All Genres – Learn more.
Writing Excuses Podcast – Learn more.

Non-Writing Inspiration

Fearliss Pro
Faith Pilger is a phenomenal human being that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since high school. Faith believes that “FEARLISS is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to be honest and face fear more directly. This requires a readiness to change your attitude about yourself and your body.” Since I struggle with weight management and body image issues, following her journey and hearing her messages is very inspiring! Visit website.

Rewind Photography
The photography on my site is all about Matt Roberts of Rewind Photography. Though Matt primarily photographs live events and weddings, he is deeply supportive of small business owners and artists in the Santa Barbara Community. Visit website.

Doing a Bit of Running
Meeting Jim Mowatt on my trip to the UK in 2015 was a great pleasure. I later learned that he does a bit of running, and wrote a book about that to benefit one of my favorite causes, Save The Rhino.

Wirt Salthouse, Artist
Either escaped from a lab or raised in central California, Wirt Salthouse‘s past is both mysterious and inconsequential. Wirt illustrates for greeting cards, comic strips, and even political cartoons. When he’s not drawing stuff, Wirt works in UX design.

Dan Levin, Artist
“One man’s trash is another man’s career” -DL
Friendly lunacy and logic do an odd kind of dance in the assemblage art of Dan Levin.
In his approach to the medium, this artist understands that logic, even of a twisted variety, can prevent the appearance of randomness in work that’s all about discarded objects. Despite wild-eyed humor and hints of chaos, Levin’s art has a surprising cohesiveness of design through a series of variations on a particular theme. While his art may startle and amuse the observer, there is a method of the artist’s careful devising.