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I really appreciate you sharing your experience with us Yvette! You had an awesome goal, learned a lot while you accomplished it and now have a finished product you can be proud of. Congratulations on your achievement!



Hi Yvette. I got here through the NaNoWriMo donors page…Site looks awesome, hope to stumble on some of your narrations on Audible, I’m hooked!

 – Arye

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Finnemore Fridays: When in Rome

Impostor syndrome has me down today. Worry that no one will ever like anything I write, because I'm not a real writer (or not a real good one), and everything has been done, and I should bin it all and get a 'real job.' As the sketch points out, Rome ...
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The W-X Factor Part 1: Writers and Peers

TL;DR (aka executive) Summary: Episode 2.29 of Write Right Podcast spurred my thoughts about how the Writing Excuses Cast and Staff got it right and created a learning community on the WXR Baltic Cruise. From modeling, to clear agreements, and creating safe space, they facilitated strangers becoming a team, and ultimately, peers ...
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Finnemore Fridays: Procrastination, Anyone?

Ahhh, procrastination is such a useful tool for getting everything done except what you should be doing. Here's a funny little song to enjoy as you head into a weekend full of chores that need doing (so you'll probably binge-watch something great). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eb0TRa_F7GA ...
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