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I really appreciate you sharing your experience with us Yvette! You had an awesome goal, learned a lot while you accomplished it and now have a finished product you can be proud of. Congratulations on your achievement!



Hi Yvette. I got here through the NaNoWriMo donors page…Site looks awesome, hope to stumble on some of your narrations on Audible, I’m hooked!

 – Arye

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New Release: The Body in The Bathtub!

Happy Friday! Have a new audiobook! The Body in The Bathtub written by Shea Macleod and narrated by Yvette Keller is now available! Bunco night seems like a safe bet, until someone finds a dead body in the bathtub. With her friends in shock and topping the local detective's suspect ...
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New (and used) Normal

Two audiobooks in the final release stages, a monthly newsletter out (before the month is over), and a functioning kitchen: January has been a back-to-normal month. (If you didn't get to read the January newsletter that launched today, you are missing out!) Still, normal doesn't mean boring: 2018 is new, ...
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Book Review:

Once Upon A Nightmare: A Novella of the Nightmare City series by P.S. Newman My rating: 5 of 5 stars Once Upon A Nightmare is a fantastically-paced novella set in a fascinating future LA where dreams (and nightmares) can manifest. The twist of having a main character who discovers she ...
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